Feb 8, 2009

Long hair syndrome

Photo by leiaverner

When you have long hair it can be a shield – it’s the first thing people notice about you which is great if you don’t feel comfortable with yourself and want them to have a different focal point.

When I was in elementary school I began to grow my hair long. I didn’t think about it at the time, but maybe there was a reason. I was shy. Horribly so.

For me it felt like the only reason I was noticed was my long blonde hair. It was a thread I could cling desperately to, connecting me to the rest of the world. Without it maybe I’d just fade away… I’d be boring. Because that’s what I felt – I was a dull and boring person. I could never make conversation but at least this way people might have a reason to talk to me.

About grade 10 I began to realize that my hair was not a shield but a blockade. It’s ALL people noticed. Naturally I put that theory to the test by chopping it off. I never shed a tear as what must have been nearly 2 feet of hair fell. It was a cute cut – shoulder length and styled into a flip. Back at school I saw not many people commented on the hair. Whether it was because they didn’t care enough to compliment it or because they didn’t notice, I don’t know. There were two boys who used to call me ‘long hair’ (Original! Was it an insult or what?) and after the cut I heard nothing.

It was a learning experience for me. Long hair, short hair, it makes no difference. WHY your hair is that way is what matters. People are going to treat you virtually the same way no matter what. While it is nice to get some attention, if it’s based on your appearance it’s shallow and you can do so much better. So keep your hair however you want it; just remember to not rely on it too much. You are a deep, complex, amazing creature and you deserve more than superficial compliments based on the obvious. You are much more than your hair.

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