Feb 22, 2010

Merry-Go-Round: February 22, 2010

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Hello dollies! It's been a while, hasn't it? I've decided to get back into the blogging game after giving it a bit of a try last year. This is one of my resolutions, so hopefully you'll see many posts to come!

Today I'm starting a new feature called Merry-Go-Round which will typically be posted on Mondays. It's a way to share links, and talk about things that make me happy and I'm grateful for. It's all about practicing gratitude and giving recognition where it is deserved, and when's a better time to think about the best things in life than an underrated Monday? So here we go, I hope you enjoy!

  • Giggle Fits at Work: Oh man, I almost burst out laughing at work the other day. We we're working together in a large group and testing video games -can- be a lot of fun. Some funny stuff was happening in the game. But that wasn't what was making me laugh. It was the anticipation of more funny things that made me hysteric. I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing and looking crazy!

  • Juice: Nico and I have been getting in to juice lately. We've checked out Gorilla Food and Sejuiced. Both are delicious! Fresh fruit juices are amazingly tasty and healthy, not to mention non-chain juice bars have a friendly, relaxed vibe to them.

  • Uniball 207 Gel Pens: I bought a pack with blue, green, pink, and orange. Pretty colour and they dry fast so they don't smudge, which can be a real problem when you're left handed. Plus, they're waterproof!

  • And finally, a bit of a conversation between a father and daughter heard on my way home:
    Daughter: We should phone everyone in the world and tell them to smach all the cars. Smash them to bits!
    Dad: What about the skytrain?
    Daughter: It's a robot?
    Dad: (Whispers something)
    Daughter: Electric? Hmm..we shouldn't smash them then.
    They were adorable! They also talked about how the cars looked like jellybeans, but the trucks didn't, they were more like sausages. I had such a big smile on my face listening to them.

I hope you have a big smile on your face too today!

Keep searching,

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