Mar 14, 2010

Attempting To Reduce

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For some reason I thought it was time to try and get off my medication. I had been feeling pretty good and was on them for quite a while so I went to the doctor and we came up with a plan to slowly reduce my dosage until I was taking none. Maybe it was the enthusiasm of a new year that sparked this desire. Unfortunately I found myself disappointed.

Reducing the dose by just half a pill made me feel more depressed and brought back the odd dizzy, funny feeling in my head. I tried this for a couple weeks but didn't see much improvement. Back to the doctor. "Well, it's good to try anyway." He said.

"Now you know that it's something you need. You have a vitamin C deficiency - 'vitamin' Cipralex. It's like having to take insulin for diabetes; your body needs it." A lot of people say to get therapy for depression, or just get over it. I don't know for sure what the best solution is, but for now I have something that works for me.

The fact that I had to keep taking pills was disappointing at first. It's an inconvenience remembering to take them,and be cautious of taking any other medications (Cipralex, I'm told, doesn't usually cause problems when taken with other things aside from possible drowsiness). It's expensive. Unfortunately it's not covered by my benefits because it's a pre-existing condition, but let's not get started on that!

It's funny, when I started to feel worse I became interested in blogging and fashion again. So it turned out to be a good experience. =)

Keep searching,

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  1. I know how that goes, both trying to get off meds and being enthusiastic only to have it change into disappointment. Sorry it didn't work out how you wanted but, as your doctor said, it's good to try.

    I really enjoy reading your blog! Keep it up!