Apr 17, 2010

Merry-Go-Round: August 21

Photo by Paulus Maximus!

A lot late, but here we go! There are so many things to be excited for!

  • The Garden of Cosmic Speculation made by Charles Jencks and Maggie Keswick looks incredible! I had never considered going to Scotland before, but this might just be worth a trip.

  • Hobby Groups: I recently joined a new group made by a friend for Crafts. Now I've never gotten into crafting much in the past but making jewelry, scrapbooking, and art have always interested me. This group is turning out to be a good source of information and inspiration. We've order some beads and plan to have get-togethers in the near future. I've even come up with an idea for something I'd like to make an sell so keep an eye out for a new etsy shop!

  • Portal 2: The first game was great - very fun, cute, and puzzling at times. The sequel introduces new tools and challenges from GLaDOS as well as some companions for Chell.
  • Kooza by Cirque du Soleil: Last night I had the pleasure or seeing the show. It's amazing. All the performances were impressive. Most notable were the Unicylce duo that danced and did some amazing lifts and spins, the thrilling and scray Wheel of Death, and talented tightrope walkers. The music is live and part of the act as well - just a girlish note, the singer wore a cute sparkly skeleton dress for one number. There are 'clowns' but, they are actually pretty funny!If you happen to be in Vancouver the Grand Chapiteau will be up until September 5th.

Keep searching,

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