Sep 7, 2010

Merry-Go-Round: September 7, 2010

Photo by ffion

Honestly, this should have been done sooner. This week has been a bit rough and some time to sit and reflect on the good things would have been helpful. Here's what should have made things better.

  • Cuddles: Now, I never thought I'd be the type to like cuddling but it turns out I am! They're just so warm and cozy!
  • The Four Levels of Social Entrapment: The first one is especially true. I've got lots of kind-of friends and while I like them there is always that fear of being stuck in a situation where we have to talk to each other or sit in awkward silence.A new favorite blog. This girl is hilarious!
  • The Sedin brothers: Typically I don't pay attention to the sports world with the exception of lots of curling during the Olympics, some of the World Cup, and the Stanley Cup. Today, however, I have to gush a little. As I came in to work I walked right in front of one of the Sedin brothers! The twins are pretty much the only players that I really like so it was pretty cool to see them. Wish I had realized it was them sooner and stopped to watch them be filmed for a bit.
  • Perfect World is one of the best free to play mmorpg's out there. It's a bit like a girly version of World of Warcraft. The character creation system allows you to change every facial feature from the width of the forehead to the point of the chin while the hair, eyes, and skin tone are selected from a colour map and not just preset choices. This is one of the best features as it allows you to create a truly unique character. The international version recently came out so I got back into the game after starting and stopping a year or two ago. I'm really enjoying the new Tideborn Assasin! I'm on the Raging Tide server if you want to join me some time.

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