Feb 8, 2011

Wardrobe Make-over

Photo by emma.kate

One of my 'resolutions' for the year is to develop a style and dress better. All too often I see a picture of myself and am disappointed with what I see. Those jeans I though fit? Yeah, not so much. I like clothes, shopping, and style so the fact that I'm defaulting to ultra boring t-shirts and jeans is terrible! Sure, it's cold and rainy in Vancouver now, but that's no excuse to be covered up in a not-so-cute waterproof coat most of the day!

When someone walks by with a nice outfit and confidence I take notice; it's like saying 'Hello world, I'm here! I have it all together!' It's definitely a better message than ' I just threw something together, I don't care'. Who would you rather be friends with, date, give a job to? No it's not the most important thing to look good - what you are like on the inside always wins out in the end - but first impressions count for something too. Beside, you can be gorgeous in and out anyway!

I have begun building a new wardrobe. T-shirts and jeans will still be there, only better fitting and more eye-catching. I'm going to go through Gala's Wardrobe Taming over the next week to help define a style and figure out exactly what I want to say to the world as well.

This of course means more shopping... no complaints there! ;) My first trip was last weekend and I managed to get some things I'd normally shy away from, including a printed dress and skinny jeans. There are lots of good local stores I didn't know about that deserve more attention so I'll mention those in my blog as they are found as well as my outfits. The first one will be in the next day or two.

Keep searching,

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