Mar 14, 2011

Merry-Go-Round: March 14, 2011

Photo by saeba

Happy Pi day! Hope you are all having a good Monday. If not, maybe I have something to cheer you up?

  • Sour Skitles: The red ones are amazing, and the extra sugar on the outside just makes it better. This is sort of strange and morbid, but I never really liked this candy until our cat, also named Skittles, died recently. RIP kitty...

  • Having someone to talk to: In this case, the boyfriend. A couple nights ago I was feeling down. Normally I'm too shy and self-conscious to talk about my problems but he's really good at getting me to talk, and then being very understanding and rational in his response. He helps me see things as they really are and gives me advice about what to do. I'm so glad I have someone that I can finally open up to...even if it still takes some prodding. Couldn't ask for anyone better.<3

  • America's Next Top Model: One of my favorites shows. It's mostly the photo shoots I like to see because they're pretty creative. This season I think Hannah is my favorite - she's adorable. Mikaela has some crazy bone structure too.

  • Documentaries A friend got me interested in watching some of these on netflix and my sister got me into them again. I'd recommend Urban Explorers and Tapped if you are interested in checking some out.

  • Painted Trees Curtis Killorn paints dead trees in Colorado and they are amazing. The bright colours help to bring out the beautiful shapes of the branches.

And finally, a little video. Relax and watch a whirlwind pick up sheets of plastic and twirl them in the air.

Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Japan in this difficult time.

Keep searching,

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. It made me thing of the little things I enjoy and right away I had a smile on my face :)

    Thanks Laura~She