Sep 6, 2015

Week Review: August 31 - September 6

 The weekdays were uneventful, so let's get straight to the weekend!


Saturdays adventure was going to the Fair at the PNE. It's one of the best events of the year so I always try to make it out there, for the food if nothing else. Sadly I don't have the most cooperative stomach and it's been a bit icky the past couple days so I only ate some wiggle chips(a cross between a fry and a chip), and a special treat. There's always something new; this time I went with a deep-fried poptart! Not too bad!

We checked out the prize home and Superdogs, marketplace and farm country. Everything was as good as usual but not any better than other years, although that may have been my attitude and being too focused on my stomach. By the time we were heading back to the car I was in full grump mode. What do I want to eat? Where do I want to go? F*** you! Ha. It's like I can't handle any interaction beyond a certain point, even if the other person is being as sweet as can be. I just wanted to get home and try one of my  new teas.

The teas,  Garnet , Peridot , Cooper , and Sisters are from Adagio Teas.

I'm working on getting my drivers license and need a lot of practice, so this morning my dad took me to a parking lot to drive around. Honestly I wish I had more lessons with a professional but as it is I need to practice for the lessons, and I'm not comfortable going out on the road in a regular car that doesn't have a second brake on the passenger side. I feel like I'm not a great driver; but I've also been told I just need more confidence.

After a little drive I popped in to the mall to buy a piece to finish off an outfit.

An animal print scarf! I never thought I would wear animal print, but I'm starting to like it... it's kind of classic and adds a little extra detail to a plain outfit.

Anyway, that was my week!

~ Laura

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