Sep 28, 2010

I'm on a (House) Boat

Encounter Point on Shuswap Lake
Our adventure began at 3:30am and I was surprisingly full of energy! It looked like it was going to be a good trip. That is, until we started driving. My stomach decided it would be funny to act up just as we were leaving the last real city for a while. I couldn't stay in the car without feeling completely ill. After an hour or two of waiting for the feeling to pass, we were able to get back on the road! 5 hours is a long time to spend in a car, but we managed to get there! I still feel really bad for making everyone wait for me. :C

Because we had booked a boat for the last week of the season and it wasn't busy, we got an upgrade! Our boat was named 'Dock Dude' while other boats were called 'knot-a-yacht' and 'mutal funz'. Yep, some horrible puns there! As it was an upgrade we got private rooms - one at a normal level, one with the bed about 4 feet off the ground (ours), and another that was down a couple stairs and looked very comfy. There was a slide at the back of the boat but unfortunately it was too cold for swimming. After the drivers learned how to pilot we set sail in the Shuswap lake!

Throughout the waters and on the beaches we found dead fish everywhere. At first it was disturbing... until someone mentioned it was spawning season (Salmon die after spawning). Okay, it was still disturbing but natural at least! Surprisingly I only saw one fish that had been eaten, and one bear in the distance.

We brought a lot of meat and booze with us, but I wasn't able to partake in most of it because of my stomach. Curses!  But I mean a lot of meat. We have a couple day worth of left overs - giant steaks, sausage, ribs and more ribs!! I know at least one of us planned to go vegetarian for the rest of the week. I did manage to eat some of the best salmon ever(store bought, nobody caught anything we could keep), barbecued corn, smores, and those big double chocolate Costco muffins. Mmm-mm! Everything was delicious.

Originally there were plans to make this more of a pirate themed event, but it didn't really come together aside from Shann's outfits and not showering. 

We all had a good laugh wearing  fake  versions of our boyfriends moustache's. and breaking a Pinata. I manage to get one hit on it before the boys finished it off and Taja ran to the water to save some candy that had gone overboard. We listened to music, played cards, Family Guy Clue, Cranium, and Therapy as it was too cold and wet to be outside for a good bit of the trip. It was a lot of fun anyway.

Will I do it again?:
Yes! I wish I could have enjoyed more of it, if I hadn't been sick it would have been amazing. It's really neat being out on the water with nothing but trees around. A nice change from life. Three days isn't long enough so next time we will try to go for a week earlier in the season for better weather. I recommending giving house boating a shot!

For more photos go to my flickr photostream or Shann's blog

Keep Searching, 



    Glad we went, We must go again!!

  2. That sounds like -so- much fun!! How much did it cost to rent the house boat? I'd totally look more into this...but neither of us drives. :(

  3. @ Shann - Thanks!

    @Deizibug - Yeah, that is the trouble... you need a license to get there and to drive the boat. Maybe next time we can get a bigger boat and you can come?

    It worked out to about $130 per person for the boat, which pretty good! Cheaper than a hotel.